Soft Case

To carry one complete parabolic microphone setup including a Telinga foldable dish, the handle + cable, microphone and any accessories necessary.

Telinga Soft Case.jpgFoldable dish.jpgtelinga-soft-case.png
Telinga Soft Case.jpgFoldable dish.jpgtelinga-soft-case.png

High quality long lasting fabric. The perfect travel solution for your complete setup. With the dish folded you can easily store the rest of your setup inside it - with some padding inbetween it will remain effectively protected by the folded dish. As no Telinga system is heavier then 1.2 Kg (2.5 Lbs) complete it is very easily carried, no matter how you choose to travel (by foot, bicycle etc.)


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Telinga Offer: Buy 3 or more units of this product and get 15% Discount.

Compatible products

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  • Stationary Dish

    The stationary (not foldable version) of the famous 1 mm flexible dish for permanent installations.