Rycote Telinga Dish HWC

The most effective way to protect your Telinga from wind and sunrays entering the dish.

telinga-rycote-wind-shield-1.jpgtelinga-rycote-wind-shield-2.jpgtelinga-rycote.jpgRycote Small Logo.bmp
telinga-rycote-wind-shield-1.jpgtelinga-rycote-wind-shield-2.jpgtelinga-rycote.jpgRycote Small Logo.bmp

The Rycote Telinga Pro Hi-Wind Cover has been designed and manufactured by Rycote (U.K) for the Telinga 22" parabolic dish. It is made by a durable green or black Fleece material which offers up to 35 dB in wind noise reduction. It is also recommended for protecting the Telinga from sunrays entering the parabolic dish.

The Rycote HWC is very easy to fit in the field by simply sliding it on and securing in place with the drawstring. Photo nr 1&2 (from left) shows colour options (BLACK or GREEN). Photo nr 3 shows the Telinga dish (sold separately) with the Green Rycote HWC mounted.

General information regarding Telinga parabolics and wind protection: Turbulence inside a parabolic dish, caused by side winds, can only effectively be reduced by covering the entire opening of a dish. The windshield can also prevent insects from buzzing around inside the dish while recording. When storing your complete setup inside the Telinga Soft Case you may also use it as a good  "wrap around" cloth, protecting your system further.

Made by: Rycote.com (U.K) - Available in Fleece (black or green). Weight 0,13 Kg. Diameter (mounted) 23" / 60 cm. Packing size wrapped (cm): 21 x 14 x 6 cm. Comes with a black drawstring for securing it around the parabolic dish. High quality Fleece fabric.

  MSRP (Price) ex. EU VAT:     650:- SEK       65    



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