V2 Foldable Dish

The V2 version of the famous foldable and flexible dish for all mobile users. Very easy to transport, compatible with ALL Telinga handles and microphones.

Telinga dish.jpgPolar Telinga Parabolic Dish sm_Copy.bmptelinga dish folded.jpgTelinga Soft Case.jpg
Telinga dish.jpgPolar Telinga Parabolic Dish sm_Copy.bmptelinga dish folded.jpgTelinga Soft Case.jpg

The Telinga V2 foldable dish is 22" (57cm) and  6" (15 cm) deep with a weight of only 0.35 kg/0.77 lbs! The improved polycarbonate mix offers greater performance and plastic memory. Featuring a gray rim (standard on delivery) allows super easy folding and protects the dish surface from scratches and dents.

Compatible with ALL Telinga handles and microphones - including earlier models such as the PRO-5/6/7/8 handles and dedicated microphones.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the Telinga dish is sold ONLY as part of a complete systems or as a spare for your current Telinga. If you wish to mount your own microphone only please see the TELINGA UNIVERSAL MK2

If you prefer to order without the gray rim just inform us when placing order.

  Web Price:    1300:- SEK      120     USD 130   

  Shipping rate:    200:- SEK     € 30     USD   50   

BUY: Credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Please send your invoice and shipping address to order@telinga.com along with the products list you wish to purchase and we will return an online secure payment request within 24 hours.




  • Soft Case

    To carry one complete parabolic microphone setup including a Telinga foldable dish, the handle + cable, microphone and any accessories necessary.

  • Hi-Wind Cover

    A large durable windshield which offers extra wind protection for all Telinga dishes and microphones. Effectively designed to prevent wind turbulence inside the dish.

Compatible handles

  • PRO-9 MK2 handle

    The industry standard Telinga (XLR) handle to be used with any recorder supplying +48v Phantom Power. Includes a balanced cable for mono & stereo operation.

  • PRO-X System

    A complete ready to record Telinga parabolic dish bundle running on the recorders internal battery. Includes handle, microphone, V2 foldable dish, and Rycote Dish HWC.

Compatible microphones

  • Stereo MK3

    The Stereo MK3 microphone for all Telinga PRO-handles and dish models. Also compatible with older Telinga PRO-series products.

  • Twin Science MK2

    The Telinga MK2 twin-capsule mono microphone for all Telinga PRO (balanced) handles.