SCHOEPS PAR-1 Parabolic Dish Set


NAB 2019 Presentation
NAB 2019 Presentation



2019.12.10 Recordist Profile Vladimir Arkhipov has made some of our favorite nature recordings over the years, and a great surprise for us was that so many of them were made with a Telinga. We asked Vladimir and he kindly marked the recordings for reference (recorded with a Telinga PRO-8 stereo MK2) available for listen here &

2019.10.15 Telinga SoundCloud & Photo Gallery have been updated with new photos and recordings, among these some of the new SCHOEPS PAR-1 DISH SET. SCHOEPS is the first major microphone manufacturer ever to design a complete software Plug-In (FREE) to match and flatten out the frequency response of a cardioid, wide cardioid or omni in a parabolic microphone dish. Thanks to Rycote and a clever OEM design, the wind and handling noise is low even when using a cardioid mic for maximum attenuation of surrounding sounds. More info here

2019.10.09 The Stereo MK3 Mic is now available! With even lower self noise, handling noise and improved stereo we are happy to present the new Stereo MK3 microphone - also compatible with ALL previous Telinga PRO-handles and dish models.

2019.09.25 Sound Devices MixPre-Series II We are happy to offer very good prices on the new Sound Devices MixPre-Series II recorders from here when purchasing any complete Telinga Parabolic Dish system. Please contact us for prices and conditions.

2019.08.28 Exploring Soundscapes Scientists use specialized equipment to record soundscapes. Studying the diversity and patterns of sound can help us better understand how species diversity varies among places and over time. By National Park Service California USA here

2019.08.09 New Rycote HWCs available We have just received brand new Rycote Telinga PRO Dish HWCs in military light green. This colour has been in high demand and fits all Telinga parabolic dish models, new or old. It will replace the previous "Signal Green" colour, more info to come here

2019.07.21 Telinga Stereo MK3 upgrade offer The Stereo MK3 microphone is the latest version of the famous STEREO-DAT that was released in it's first version in the 1980's! The Stereo MK3 mic basically is everything we have learned since then, both in regards to sound and durability, and will be available to order soon. If you already own a STEREO-DAT mic or the MK2 version (not older then 5 years) you can apply for an upgrade (at shipping cost only) by contacting us!

2019.07.14 Juan Pablo Culassos Antarctica Expedion (feature from 2016) we built a Telinga with the aim to withstand some of the worlds most demanding weather conditions, to preserve sounds from a continent very few can visit...  here

2019.04.01 YouTube - How to record audio with a parabolic microphone? By Cornell Lab of Ornithology featuring the Telinga Universal view here

2019.02.14 Study Aggregation of Eurasian Scops Owls Otus scops breeding in Magpie Pica pica nests by Fabrizio Grieco find and read complete article here (from 2018)

2018.11.08 Lang Elliot Backyard Bird Walk Podcast - With only 6 degrees (C) currently in Sweden, spring isn't exactly around the corner! This podcast from April this year featuring 26 (!) species recorded in USA with a Telinga stereo parabolic microphone is a warm reminder of what is to come, sooner or later! &


Telinga Soundcloud
Telinga Soundcloud


The Telinga Universal MK2 - a complete parabolic dish system for recording with your own collection of microphones, facing the dish or mounted outwards.
The Telinga Universal MK2 - a complete parabolic dish system for recording with your own collection of microphones, facing the dish or mounted outwards.


Telinga Universal MK2 Rycote HWC (BLACK or GREEN) Offer

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Want help choosing the best Telinga product for your purpose? Do not hesitate to contact us Read the Telinga PRO-X review here & the Beginners Guide to Field Recording here

Parabolic microphone reviews / mini guide by Jez Riley French here

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Resources / Links

Using Telinga´s for SFX - Tim Nielsen (Skywalker Sound) - on microphone addiction: BBC highlighted this website earlier this year. By Marc Anderson / Wild Ambience, Australia. Hand-made hydrophones and contact microphones by Jez Riley French.

Universal Kit Review Want to use your own microphone in a Telinga parabola? This is a great review of the Telinga Universal by Tim Prebble, Sound Designer extraordinaire: mkh8020.

Recording The Natural World Tutorial online feat. Chris Watson (BBC) using the Telinga Twin Science flexible parabolic reflector kit - amongst a range of other

Stereo in a parabola? As a reference this is an article presented by the Journal of Audio Engineering Society available from AES here - which is directly connected to the basic principles behind our own Stereo parabolas - a one-page white paper PDF is also available here

Gwent birding by Darryl Spittle

Lang Elliots 

The brilliant Music Of Sound by Tim Prebble.

Soundscape of a City Using a parabolic microphone and a speaker for soundscapes: By Pierre Laurent Cassiere. Video link:

Wildlife Sound Recording Society on chosing microphones for nature recording

Interview with field recordist John Leonard by

The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method Highly recommended. By AVOSOUND.

Choosing the right microphones?

Sampling Planet Earth - Interview with Chris Watson (BBC) by Headphone Commute

Birds in flight - an excellent audiovisual ID guide by Mathias Putze & Patrick Franke in Germany with a vast collection of Telinga recordings

From Spain - Alosa / Also on Facebook:

LA Times. Recording the sounds of the West,0,1447793.story#axzz2ssyFJuk6