Stereo MK3

The Stereo MK3 microphone for all Telinga PRO-handles and dish models. Also compatible with older Telinga PRO-series products.

telinga-pro-x-1.pngTelinga PRO-8 MK2 System_Copy.jpgtelinga dish folded.jpgTelinga Soft Case.jpg
telinga-pro-x-1.pngTelinga PRO-8 MK2 System_Copy.jpgtelinga dish folded.jpgTelinga Soft Case.jpg

The Telinga Stereo MK3 omnidirectional microphone - the latest version of the famous industry standard Telinga Stereo DAT microphone.

Telinga Sweden introduced the first commercially available parabolic microphone in stereo 1986 already, with the concept of recording the focus of the parabolic dish in mono and presenting the ambience in stereo.

Photo 1. The Telinga Stereo MK3 microphone has 8 microphone elements, located in 2 pairs (L/R) separated by a 4,5" plate. The mono signal from the parabolic dish will affect all the microphones equally while the ambience will be recorded in stereo. This proven and unique Telinga concept gives you a natural recording with very low noise that also withstands very high SPL (Sound Pressure Level). The result is a rich sound with very little distortion for an omni microphone.

Photo 2. Pair the Stereo MK3 microphone with your choice of handle and dish, either the PRO-X for Plug-In-Power 3,5 mm minjack or PRO-9 handle +48V XLR (coming soon) for a complete ready to record system. When a new version of the microphone, handle or dish is available you can upgrade or purchase these parts separately, thus you do not have to buy a new complete model or bring several parabolas when recording. 

Photo 3&4. You may easily fold the Telinga V2 Dish and pack your complete Telinga system (handle, microphone, and dish) in the Telinga Soft Case with some padding in between. The complete assembly of a Telinga system is done within minutes without any complicated instructions.

STEREO IN PARABOLAS as PDF. Also presented in a more comprehensive article in the the Journal of Audio Engineering Society (Vol.33 No.6) by Sten Wahlström here

Weight (microphone only): 0.220 kg / 0.44 lbs. Diameter: 115 mm Depth: 230 mm Complete weight with handle, cables and V2 foldable dish: 1.0 Kg / 2.20 lbs only. Frequency response (microphone) aprx. 40-20.000 Hz Self noise (microphone) aprx. 12 dB(A) Self noise (complete system with dish) aprx. 2-4 dB(A) only.

In Action Feature Yosemite National Park here

In Action Feature (SFX) Skywalker Sound here

  Price   +48V XLR:    5900:- SEK     € 590     USD 620  


  Price PIP 3,5 mm:    4900:- SEK    € 490      USD 520  

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  • Soft Case

    To carry one complete parabolic microphone setup including a Telinga foldable dish, the handle + cable, microphone and any accessories necessary.

Compatible handles

  • PRO-9 MK2 handle

    The industry standard Telinga (XLR) handle to be used with any recorder supplying +48v Phantom Power. Includes a balanced cable for mono & stereo operation.

  • PRO-X System

    A complete ready to record Telinga parabolic dish bundle running on the recorders internal battery. Includes handle, microphone, V2 foldable dish, and Rycote Dish HWC.

Compatible dishes

  • Foldable V2 Dish

    The V2 version of the famous foldable and flexible dish for all mobile users. Very easy to transport, compatible with ALL Telinga handles and microphones.

  • Stationary Dish

    The STATIONARY VERSION of the famous Telinga Parabolic Dish for permanent installations.