PRO-9 MK2 handle

The industry standard Telinga (XLR) handle to be used with the Telinga 22" V2 dish and any pre-amplifier supplying +48v Phantom Power. Includes a balanced cable for mono & stereo operation.



The Telinga PRO-9 MK2 handle is built for XLR and +48V to be used with any pre-amplifier supplying Phantom Power. Includes a customized balanced cable for mono & stereo operation. Please see photo nr 1-3.

Pair the Telinga PRO-9 MK2 handle with the Stereo MK3 to be installed in Telinga 22" dish for a complete system (photo nr 4 from left). The PRO-9 MK2 handle can be purchased as a spare product for your older dish or Telinga microphone.

When using a parabolic dish - you often encounter noise pollution from traffic both in air and on ground. Switching the built in EQ filter ON may help you save or enhance your sound by filtering away low frequencies such as traffic noise or rumble.

The Telinga PRO-9 MK2 offers great sound quality in a very reliable package.

In Action Feature Yosemite National Park here

In Action Feature (SFX) from Skywalker Sound here

Easy travelling: use the Telinga V2 Foldable Dish (sold separately) for a very light weight system.

Phantom power +48v (XLR) means no batteries or built in accumulator necessary.

Bult in switchable ON/OFF EQ filter 12 dB/oct 3dB knee at 270 Hz. Designed as a 3 position switch located at thumb position. Pos. 1) Stereo - Filter OFF. No equalization Pos. 2) Stereo - Filter ON. EQ filter activated Pos. 3) Mono - Filter ON. MONO with EQ filter activated.

Please note: Includes PRO-9 MK2 handle and the 1 meter interchangeable Gotham Audio (Nagra supplier) cable with two Neutrik 3-pin Gold plated XLR output connectors only. Telinga dish and microphone (shown in photo nr 4 from left) sold separately.

Very easy to operate. Very light weight (230 gr./0.47lb) compatible with a range of Telinga parabolic microphones. Note! Please when ordering for your current Telinga handle/dish specify model and/or pin configuration.


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  • Mounting Kit

    A backup or spare mounting kit to attach the Telinga dish to the handle.

  • Pro-8 Cable

    A backup or spare cable for your Telinga PRO-8 / PRO-7 or PRO-6 handle.

  • Soft Case

    To carry one complete Telinga foldable parabolic dish.

  • Tripod Mount

    Light-weight small aluminium Tripod Mount for all Telinga handles.

Compatible microphones

  • Stereo MK3

    The Stereo MK3 microphone for all Telinga PRO-handles and dish. Also compatible with older Telinga PRO-series products.