Marie-Helene B. recording.
Marie-Helene Burle, biologist for the RSPB and the University of Cape Town, recording in Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean.


The Telinga PRO-8 MK2 Stereo System. Now available with 3 different dishes. Click photo for more information!
The Telinga PRO-8 MK2 Stereo System. Available with 3 different dishes. Click for more info! Photo by: Manrico Montero


2014.10.15 Pole Position Production Using the Telinga Universal MK2 with SCHOEPS microphones for Sound FX duties YouTube clip here

2014.08.27. From Lord of the Rings to Yellowstone National Park experienced sound supervisor and SFX editor Tim Nielsen has worked on movies like Lord Of The Rings, Maleficent and countless other - now he´s releasing his first independent sound effect library Yellowstone - in this interview he gives an inside-look at how the library was created - and speaks about his favorite microphones read more

Recommended! A microphone "in-depth" focused interview with Tim Nielsen can be found here

2014.08.26 Birdsongs from Yosemite National Park by Steven Bumgardner / the excellent Yosemite Nature Notes - sound recorded with the Telinga PRO-8 Stereo system - watch video (HD available) here

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Pay with PayPal without extra cost.


Telinga V2 Dish - now shipping with all Telinga´s

  • telinga dish
  • telinga dish folded
  • Telinga Soft Case

The Universal MK2 is a complete parabolic dish kit including everything you need. Simply add your own omni or cardioid microphone. Super portable and versatile - with assembly done in minutes.


The Telinga Universal MK2 - use your own microphone, omni or cardioid - very easily switched and secured in the Zeppelin microphone holder, without using adapters or extra cables More information


Recording SFX with the Universal MK2
Recording SFX with the Universal MK2


.Resources / Links

Stereo in a parabola? As a reference this is an article presented by the Journal of Audio Engineering Society available from AES here - which is directly connected to the basic principles behind our own Stereo parabolas - a one-page white paper PDF is also available here

Recording The Natural World Tutorial now online feat. Chris Watson (BBC) using the Telinga Twin Science flexible parabolic reflector kit - amongst a range of other

Using Telinga´s for Sound Effects - Tim Nielsen (Skywalker Sound) - on Microphone addiction:

Universal Kit Review Want to use your own microphone in a Telinga parabola? This is a great review of the Telinga Universal by Tim Prebble, Sound Designer extraordinaire: mkh8020. BBC highlighted this website earlier this year. Haven´t seen it yet? Do so now! By Marc Anderson/Wild Ambience, Australia.

Lang - Find out more about one of the worlds top Nature Recordists and his world class collection of bird song and

Wildlife Sound Recording Society on chosing microphones for nature recording

Sampling Planet Earth - Interview with Chris Watson (BBC) by Headphone Commute From Sicily, Italy - this inspiring and ambitious website covers the sounds of abondened Castles in Sicily and much more. An adventure!

Birds in flight - an excellent audiovisual ID guide by Mathias Putze & Patrick Franke in Germany with a vast collection of Telinga recordings

Soundscape of a City Using a parabolic microphone and a speaker for soundscapes: By Pierre Laurent Cassiere. Video link:

From Spain - Alosa / Also on Facebook:

LA Times. Recording the sounds of the West,0,1447793.story#axzz2ssyFJuk6