Marie-Helene B. recording.
Marie-Helene Burle, biologist for the RSPB and the University of Cape Town, recording in Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean.


The Telinga PRO-8 MK2 Stereo System. Now available with 3 different dishes. Click photo for more information!
The Telinga PRO-8 MK2 Stereo System. Available with 3 different dishes. Click for more info! Photo by: Manrico Montero



2014.05.28 New Gotham Audio PRO-8 MK2 Cable we are happy to introduce a new lighter PRO-8 MK2 Cable from Nagra supplier Gotham Audio. Since we got a great deal - we are able to reduce the price on the PRO-8 MK2 handle package with nearly 10% to 3990:- SEK / € 450 / 600 USD. More information

2014.05.15 New Flexible Parabolic Dish  a new version of our former 1.5 mm / 0.06 inch Flexible Dish is now available for all handles and microphones, and just as 15 years ago you may order it with a gray rubber rim which helps keep it "in shape" and also protects the dish edge. Available to order at the same price as our 1mm Foldable Dish. A slightly larger version of our Soft Case will be available from June to pack your complete Telinga including the new dish very easily and safe.

2014.05.06 Universal MK2 Kit want to use your own collection of microphones in a Parabolic Dish? Whether you have omni or directional (cardioid) microphones - you can easily place them in the MK2 Zeppelin holder, backwards or forward @ the focal length of 12 cm / 4.7" aprx. More information

The Universal MK2 - with the option to place a mic backwards or forward. You can also use it without a dish.
The Universal MK2 - with the option to place a mic backwards or forward. You can also use it without a dish.



2014.04.29 42 recordings Telinga Stereo soundfiles "real world" examples from both amateuers and professionals (not uploaded by Telinga) - please note recordings are not sorted by date. Both with and without the parabolic dish.

Frigate Birds and Red-footed Boobies by Martyn Stewart - find out more about this master of nature recording and superambitious protector of animal rights here

Crane trumpeting before sunrise by Edmunds Racinskis - a beautiful recording from a distance with lots of rich ambience in stereo. 

Southern Royal Albatrosses by Hannu Jännes - apart from being an excellent recording this illustrates clearly how the Telinga Stereo microphone works with different sounds coming in and out of focus both near - and further away, and how it translates great in both headphones and speakers.

Above some of our favorite Telinga nature recordings with our Stereo parabolic microphone uploaded by different Soundcloud users. THANK YOU to everyone taking the time to upload and tag your recordings!


Telinga PRO-X Mono & Stereo parabolas. Complete weight with foldable dish less then 1 KG / 2.2 LBS (not including recorder)
Telinga PRO-X Mono & Stereo Parabolas. Complete setup weight with foldable dish less then 1 Kg / 2.2 Lbs (not including recorder)


2014.03.08 Coming soon! Telinga PRO-X System with MK2 Stereo microphone. Recorder holder included / XLR and 3.5 mm Mini-jack / Ready to record @ 995 USD / € 750 Request info here Photo courtesy of Störung Barcelona, Spain.

Photo kindly sent by Olympic Games sound engineer Alexander Kudinov.
Photo kindly sent by Olympic Games sound engineer Alexander Kudinov.


Photo: Telinga PRO-8 MK2 System recording in Sochi, Russia. With the Telinga it is possible to collect a mono signal and stereo ambience from "where the action is" - and not just at dish location/nearfield. For stereo recordings at close distance you can easily detach the dish. With the built in switch located at your thumb position the PRO-8 MK2 is the only handle on the market offering to switch between mono, stereo and low-cut (rumble filter) with a simple click. When delivered the system is ready to record (XLR). Total weight is 1.2 Kg / 2.5 Lbs. The complete setup with the rolled up dish can be stored in our Soft Case

The PRO-8 MK2 System is combined by 3 different products:
PRO-8 MK2 handle - the MK2 Stereo Mic and the 1 mm Foldable dish.

 Package Price: 1390 USD  / € 1030  / 9000:- SEK    Payment by Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. Shipping to US/CANADA 60 USD. Inside Europe € 50. All other destinations 75 USD.

ORDER HERE - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Please send us your shipping/invoice address and we will return with an online secure payment link within 24 hours.


Pay with PayPal without extra cost.
Pay with PayPal without extra cost.


Resources / Links

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Universal Kit Review Want to use your own microphone in a Telinga parabola? This is a great "first tryout" review of the Telinga Universal by Tim Prebble, Sound Designer Extraordinaire: mkh8020. BBC highlighted this website earlier this year. Haven´t seen it yet? Do so now! By Marc Anderson/Wild Ambience, Australia.

Lang - Find out more about one of the worlds top Nature Recordists and his world class collection of bird song and

Stereo in a parabola? As a reference this is an article presented by the Journal of Audio Engineering Society available from AES here - which is directly connected to the basic principles behind our own Stereo parabolas - a one-page white paper PDF is also available here

Wildlife Sound Recording Society on chosing microphones for nature recording

Sampling Planet Earth - Interview with Chris Watson (BBC) by Headphone Commute

Recording The Natural World Tutorial now online feat. Chris Watson (BBC) using the Telinga Twin Science flexible parabolic reflector kit - amongst a range of other
mics: From Sicily, Italy - this inspiring and ambitious website covers the sounds of abondened Castles in Sicily and much more. An adventure!

Birds in flight - an excellent audiovisual ID guide by Mathias Putze & Patrick Franke in Germany with a vast collection of Telinga recordings

Soundscape of a City Using a parabolic microphone and a speaker for soundscapes: By Pierre Laurent Cassiere. Video link:

From Spain - Alosa / Also on Facebook:

LA Times. Recording the sounds of the West,0,1447793.story#axzz2ssyFJuk6