Telinga Modular

Foldable parabolic reflector dish 22" for your own microphones/sensors & cabling. Mono and stereo foam cartridges included.

Telinga Modular Parabolic Reflector Dish 1.jpg


The Telinga Modular is a brand new concept offering your own microphones to be used in the 22" Telinga foldable professional dish in mono or PZM stereo configurations**. Thanks to Rycote U.K the wind protection and handling noise is highly improved over our original Telinga Universal.

The included Rycote Telinga OEM basket comes with 2 pcs interchangeable Telinga foam cartridges:

MONO FOAM CARTRIDGE for your mono pencile style mics (*both omni and cardioids)

• STEREO FOAM CARTRIDGE for PZM stereo arrangements (**with your smaller omni mics, lavaliers or electret capsules)

The stereo foam is based on the same Telinga tradition of having a plate (baffle) separating the two sides (2 channels) inside the dish for a stereo background while the focus of the dish will affect both sides equally (mono). This concept is now accomplished inside the Rycote Telinga basket - allowing immediate changes of your configuration as soon as new capsules or sensors are available on the market! The stereo foam includes the plate/baffle and is easily inserted in the Rycote Telinga Basket.

For more information please refer to Product Manual (PDF)


Please note: the Telinga Modular does not include microphones, sensors or cabling. It is a fully passive design for your own configurations, not for Telinga mics/models or a specific microphone. *The mono foam can be used with most pencile style mics omni:s having a diameter not exceeding 22mm & for all models facing the dish not longer then 80 mm. Longer models of mics is also possible to use forward (omni mics) or facing the dish (cardioid mics) without the Rycote Telinga basket front cap attached. **The stereo foam allows smaller omni mics, electret capsule/sensors with diameter/length not greater then 25mm, excl. cabling.

If you ask us? We love Schoeps mics & Primo electrets (for DIY multichannel PZM arrangements inside the stereo foam). Please note the Telinga Modular does not include Tripod Stand or Tripod Mount (sold separately). All foams for the Telinga Modular is interchangeable and will be available to purchase loose (from fall 2021) so you will never have to return the Telinga Modular to Telinga for repair/foam exchange or to apply spare parts. All parts can be exchanged by end user, without the need of any tools. The Telinga Modular itself is very resistant to rain, humidity and wind.

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  MSRP € 890 / USD 995 / GBP 750  

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