Telinga Modular

Foldable parabolic dish 22" capable of mounting microphones both forward and facing the dish. Includes both mono and stereo foam cartridges.

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Telinga Modular a 22" foldable professional dish set offering your microphones to be used in mono* or PZM stereo configurations**. Includes handle with mounting kit, dish, windjammer and Rycote Telinga OEM basket + 2 pcs interchangeable Telinga foam cartridges:

MONO FOAM CARTRIDGE compatible with most pencile style mics omnidirectional or cardioid types mounted facing the dish or forward (longer model omni mics). It may also hold longer model mics facing the dish without the front cap of the Telinga Rycote Basket attached.

• STEREO FOAM CARTRIDGE for PZM stereo arrangements (with your smaller omni mics, lavaliers or electret capsules)

The new STEREO FOAM is based on the popular Telinga tradition of placing a plate (baffle) close to the front of the dish that separates the two sides creating a stereo background - while the focus area will affect both channels equally (mono). This concept is now accomplished inside the Windcover basket - allowing immediate changes of your configuration as soon as new microphones or capsules are available on the market! The stereo foam includes a pre-installed plate/baffle and is easily inserted without the need of any tools or glue.

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For more information please refer to Product Manual (PDF)

Please note: the Telinga Modular does not include microphone or cable/connectors. It is designed for professionals wishing to use a favorite configuration of own mics in the parabolic dish. *Mono Foam compatible with most omnidirectional pencile style mics (length not exceeding 180 mm) & diameter max. 24 mm forward in the dish. For omni or cardioid mics facing the dish we suggest maximum length 80 mm and diameter not exceeding 24 mm. Longer models of mics may also be possible to use facing the dish without the Rycote Telinga Basket front cap attached. **Stereo Foam allows smaller omni mics, lavaliers or electret capsules with maximum diameter & length not exceeding 25 mm (excl. cabling). Please note: The Telinga Modular is not compatible with Telinga stereo or Twin Science parabolic mics.

If you ask us? We love Schoeps mics (mono) & Primo electret capsules (for stereo PZM arrangements). The complete assembling of the Telinga Modular is done within minutes without the need of any tools. The Telinga Modular is highly resistant to rain, humidity and wind. Please note that Tripod Stand or Tripod Mount is not included (sold separately).

Telinga Modular foams are interchangeable without glue so you never have to send a Telinga Modular back for foam replacement.

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