A complete Telinga parabolic dish bundle for minijack & Plug In Power (PIP). Includes PRO-X handle, Stereo MK3 parabolic microphone, V2 foldable dish.

telinga-pro-x-62.jpgtelinga dish folded.jpgtelinga-pro-x-1.png
telinga-pro-x-62.jpgtelinga dish folded.jpgtelinga-pro-x-1.png

The Telinga PRO-X V.2 a complete parabolic dish set including:

The Telinga PRO-X V.2 gives you the opportunity of using our STEREO MK3 parabolic microphone - in a complete kit ready to connect to smaller handy recorders or preamplifiers (3,5 mm minjack input) supplying Plug In Power (PIP). PRODUCT MANUAL (PDF)

Please note! When ordering to use with your current Telinga microphone please specify pin configuration.

Review by Gavin Vella

Review by Stein Nielsen Tromsofoto & more info here

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  • Mounting Kit

    A backup or spare mounting kit to attach the Telinga dish to the handle.

  • Soft Case

    To carry one complete Telinga foldable parabolic dish.

  • Tripod Mount

    Light-weight small aluminium Tripod Mount for all Telinga handles.

Compatible microphones

  • Stereo MK3

    The Stereo MK3 microphone for all Telinga PRO-handles and dish. Also compatible with older Telinga PRO-series products.